Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Success with Music Therapy for an Autistic Child

Here is another great example of how music can help autistic children communicate and participate in the environment around them!

Tala and her daughter Sara in Dubai experienced an incredible gift from music lessons.  Sara was diagnosed with autism when she was very young and Tala stumbled upon music therapy as one of the greatest tools to help her daughter deal with the world around her.

Sara had been very sensitive to noises in her environment since she was a baby and once she got older, she wasn’t able to communicate her frustrations verbally.  As a result she would throw tantrums and hurt herself by throwing herself against walls.  After seeing a specialist, Tala finally realized that Sara was autistic and had sensory issues that are common among autistic children.  They started to work with various therapists that focused on the specific issues Sara was facing, but she hated it and progress was slow. 

Then Tala ran into a music teacher who introduced her to a relatively new area of therapy for autistic children—music therapy.  Up until then Tala had tried so many therapies and none had seemed to really help her daughter so she was willing to try anything. So they started having music lessons two times per week.

At first the little girl zoned out and didn’t pay attention during the sessions, but slowly she started to come around and show more interest in the different instruments her teacher would play for her.  After weeks of accustoming Sara to the sounds, the routine and the separation from her mother, Sara started picking up the instruments herself and even started singing!  Soon Sara couldn’t wait for her music lessons every week and would sing the songs she learned all day. 

Tala noticed that the music lessons helped her daughter stay calm and focus on people’s voices.  She didn’t seem so overwhelmed with the noises around her as she was learning to sort them out. Tala also noticed that her daughter was able to communicate better and be more affectionate, as well as participate actively in social environments such as school and even swim meets.

The best part was the since Tala herself could play instruments, she found a new way to communicate with her daughter. What a blessing indeed!

To read more about Tala and Sara, click here:

If you think that your autistic child may benefit from participating in piano lessons and activities, feel free to check out ! I am developing a new method to teach piano to autistic children and other children with special needs.  The new method does not use traditional lesson plans, but rather uses a hands-on approach to the piano that resembles floor playtime, something fun and easy to focus on. This is method is best for very young students and can be used with children under 5 years old who are not old enough for traditional piano teaching methods.  


  1. That's so wonderful! Piano is my absolute favorite instrument to play, and it seems like such an incredible experience to be able to share that with those who are autistic.


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